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Extention 45cm  to screw on your pole or on another support  (tripod or other). 14x11mm carbon tube with 1 end cap  M8 female on one side and  1 M8 male end on the other side.


On the male end it is possible  to install a 1/4 "adapter or a Gopro adapter (see photos), or yet another extension.


Included: 1  adapter  M8 female> 1/4 "male, 1 M8 male adapter> 1/4" female.


WARNING  : The GoPro mouthpiece is not supplied. For cameras using a GOPRO type mount, consider ordering the optional boom end.


CAUTION: for land use only (no cord  to secure the camera).


  • TVA non applicable - article 293 B du CGI

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