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HM BELT V2 is equipped of the new pole attachment and the new SWITCH SYSTEM allowing the pole to be swung to the right or to the left with one hand and without tools.


The SWITCH SYSTEM is completely new and unique. It offers the possibility of multiplying the viewing angles easily. It is ideal with a 360 camera.


Composed of a adjustable belt with unbreakable plate fiberglass, with a pole attachment in aluminum and carbon, and a pole in carbon - epoxy 90cm with integrated camera leash, light, rigid and solid, equipped with a universal mounting for 1/4 "camera type INSTA360.


Thanks to the belt the pole is perfectly stable and do not swing.


You can choose the side angle of the pole, right or left, or leave it centered. It can be placed on the user's back or stomach depending on the activity.


With a 360 camera perch will disappear completely from the image.


Advantage of this mount: it can adapt to many land, water or air activities leaving your hands free.


One size adjustable up to About 120 cm.


Optionally it is possible to fix a board leash for the practice of stand up paddle or wing.


Please note: the GoPro tip is not supplied. For cameras using a GOPRO type mount, consider ordering the optional Gopro mount.


Preparation time: 1 at 4 weeks depending on stock.


  • Non-contractual photo. VAT not applicable - article 293 B of the CGI

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